Large amounts of data describing farms, food processors, and agricultural experiments are created every year, but most of these data are stored in different formats, with different fields, different definitions of those fields, different units, and different levels of validation.

We provide a standardised and structured format to represent agri-environmental data.

Widespread adoption of this data format could help unlock knowledge exchange in agriculture and food.

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The Hestia platform contains data on farming, food processing, and other processes in the agri-food system, detailing the sustainability and productivity of different food products and production practices.

These data are stored using our standardised format, have been validated, and are open access.

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Sample aggregated data on Hestia between 2010 and 2019.

We provide a large set of environmental models that can be used to augment existing data using geospatial datasets or lookup tables, calculate emissions, and perform the calculations behind life cycle assessments (LCA).

We make these freely available in Python libraries.

They are used by researchers looking to undertake environmental analyses, and by businesses looking to evaluate the environmental impacts of food production.

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