Type: Node

The Source of these data.

Field Type Required Definition
bibliography Bibliography Yes

The bibliographic informaton describing the document or dataset.

metaAnalyses List[Source] No

If multiple Sources were consolidated by meta-analysis, a list of sources describing the meta-analysis document or dataset.

uploadNotes string No

A free text field to describe the data upload, including any issues in the original data, assumptions made, or other important points.

intendedApplication string No

The intended application (see ISO 14044:2006).

studyReasons string No

The reasons for carrying out the study (see ISO 14044:2006).

intendedAudience string No

The intended audience i.e. to whom the results of the study are intended to be communicated (see ISO 14044:2006).

comparativeAssertions boolean No

Whether the results are intended to be used in comparative assertions (see ISO 14044:2006). If data is uploaded to Hestia but is not to be shared with the public, this should be specified using the dataPrivate field in Cycle, Site, and ImpactAssessment.

dataPrivate boolean Yes

If these data are private. If we find the Source on the Mendeley catalogue, the data Source is therefore public, and this field will be set to false (you can still set the Sites, Cycles, and Impact Assessments to private in this case).

Internal Properties

Field Type Definition
@context string The location of the JSON-LD context file.
@id string The unique ID assigned to the Node by Hestia.
@type string Source
name string

The name from bibliography.

doiHESTIA string

A DOI assigned to the data Source in Hestia, if requested by the user.

uploadDate date

Date uploaded to Hestia in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

uploadBy Actor

The user who uploaded these data to Hestia.

validationDate date

The date the data was checked by an independent Hestia data validator ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

validationBy List[Actor]

The people/organizations who/which validated these data in Hestia.

originalId string

The identifier for these data in the source database (e.g. if the data were converted from openLCA or ecoinvent, the id field from that database).

schemaVersion string

The version of the schema when these data were created.

JSON-LD Example 1