Type: Node

The organisation which manages the Site.

Field Type Required Definition
name string No

The name of the Organisation.

description string No

A description of the Organisation.

boundary GeoJSON No

A nested GeoJSON object for the Organisation boundary of type 'FeatureCollection', 'Feature' or 'GeometryCollection'.

area number No

The area of the Organisation in hectares.

latitude number No

The latitude of the Organisation (-90 to 90).

longitude number No

The longitude of the Organisation (-180 to 180).

streetAddress string No

The street address.

city string No

The city or town.

region Term No

The most specific geographical region from the Glossary.

country Term Yes

The country name from the Glossary.

postOfficeBoxNumber string No

The post office box number.

postalCode string No

The postal code.

website iri No

A link to a website describing the Organisation.

glnNumber string No
startDate string No

The start date of the Organisation in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY).

endDate string No

The end date of the Organisation in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD, YYYY-MM, or YYYY).

dataPrivate boolean Yes

If these data are private.

Internal Properties

Field Type Definition
@context string The location of the JSON-LD context file.
@id string The unique ID assigned to the Node by Hestia.
@type string Organisation
originalId string

The identifier for these data in the source database.

uploadBy Actor

The user who uploaded these data to Hestia.

schemaVersion string

The version of the schema when these data were created.

JSON-LD Example 1