Type: Blank Node

Information uniquely describing the document or database.

Field Type Required Definition
documentDOI string No

DOI for the document or database.

title string Yes

The title of the document or database.

arxivID string No

The arXiv ID.

scopus string No

The Scopus ID

mendeleyID string No

The Mendeley ID.

authors List[Actor] Yes

The authors of the document or database.

outlet string Yes

Where the document or database was published (can be "unpublished").

year number Yes

The year the document or database was published, or the year this version of the database was released.

volume number No

The volume holding the document.

issue string No

The issue holding the document.

chapter string No

The chapter.

pages string No

The range of pages the document covers, e.g. 4-8.

publisher string No

The publisher of the document or database.

city string No

The city of the publisher.

editors List[Actor] No

The editors of the document or database.

institutionPub List[Actor] No

The institutions who published the document or database.

websites List[string] No

Websites where the document or database was accessed from.

articlePdf string No

A link to a freely available pdf version of this article.

dateAccessed List[string] No

A corresponding list of dates the webpages were accessed in ISO 8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD).

abstract string No

A brief summary of the document or database.

Internal Properties

Field Type Definition
@type string Bibliography
name string

An automatically generated citation in the format: lastName (year) for a single author or institution, lastName & lastName (year) for two authors or institutions, or lastName et al (year) for more than two authors or institutions.

schemaVersion string

The version of the schema when these data were created.

JSON-LD Example 1