Type: Node

A person or institution.

Field Type Required Definition
firstName string No

The Actor's first name.

lastName string Yes

The Actor's last name or the name of the institution.

orcid string No

The Actor's ORCiD identifier.

scopusID string No

The Actor's Scopus identifier.

primaryInstitution string No

The Actor's primary institution.

city string No

A city or town.

country Term No

The country name from the Glossary, following GADM naming conventions.

email string No

The email address of the Actor.

website iri No

A link to a website describing the Actor.

dataPrivate boolean Yes

If these data are private.

Internal Properties

Field Type Definition
@context string The location of the JSON-LD context file.
@id string The unique ID assigned to the Node by Hestia.
@type string Actor
name string

An automatically generated field made up of: firstName initial, lastName, primaryInstitution. If the Actor is an institution, the lastName only.

originalId string

The identifier for these data in the source database (e.g. if the data were converted from openLCA or ecoinvent, the id field from that database).

schemaVersion string

The version of the schema when these data were created.

JSON-LD Example 1